Crime Scene Studios    

You have reached Crime Scene Studios, and someone is definitely in.
Be it known that through thorough investigation, we have arrived at one            
                                         inescapable conclusion;
The most egregious of crimes being committed in today's music industry,
                                      is the music itself.
In our estimation, there's only one thing to do. It's time to make a move.
Crime Scene Studios is a multi-media
recording facility located in the Northern
California town of Roseville.
This dynamic new company is  dedicated
to producing media content that is well
above the current industry standard
In other words,
we're tired of the dismal music being
produced by corporate interests.
Established in 2008, CSS is led by
Slinger -aka- Michael Carpenter,
producer, songwriter, vocalist,
multi-instrumentalist, and guitarist for
the classic rock band 'Spirit' ("GOT A
Slinger, along with his Crime Scene
cohorts, have teamed up with filmmaker
Enya Dreamz and her production
company with one stated goal.
To upset the conventional
wisdom of today's anemic
music business by creating
lasting works of value and
And with Slinger's catalog of over 200
songs being recorded now at CSS,
the music industry will soon have a
daunting challenge to their status quo.
Sam Whittier
Patrick McCoy
Enya Dreamz
Our website is currently under re-construction, and we
don't really care if this irritates you or not.
                                                  Slinger & Enya
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